Unknown New Effects by Kakishibu
Kakishibu is used widely for paint, dye and astringent from time ago, and this already proves great effects by Kakishibu from past experience. However, the actual persimmon tannin is not researched and investigated completely. Therefore, we sometimes find unknown new effects from Kakishibu recently.
One example is "Deodorant" effect. Once you spread Kakishibu to kitchen garbage, bad odor disappears.
Some restaurants are using Kakishibu as deodorant.

Other example is "Prevention of Mold". There are many cases to have a mold for the base wood under the Tatami mat in the high humidity environment. However, after you paint the base wood by Kakishibu, there is no mold to come out anymore, and strange smell of mold is gone. This is because of tannin effect.