Sick House Syndrome and Natural Kakishibu
Now, we call "Sick House Syndrome" such as allergy, atopy dermatitis, asthma, sinus, and many other symptoms in modern life. Those symptoms are come from all chemical house materials, especially asbestos and hormaldehyde to float in the air inside a house, and many people have been suffering this modern type of decease.
Now It is the time to rethink to use natural material for house which is unharmful for body, and Kakishibu - traditional Japanese paint from natural persimmon tannin is now paid attention from lots of architecturers.
Kakishibu has lots of great effects from the persimmon tannin such as waterproof, insecticide, preservation, reinforcement of material and respectively purification of air to kill hormaldehyde. Those effects are from strong persimmon tannin to react and oxidize with natural sunlight, even changing the color and being stronger for long time.
The high quality of Kakishibu is measured by high density of persimmon tannin. Density will be stronger by mature and aging in tank for 3 years to 5 years without any mixture. All the great effects come from this high quality of tannin. If the density of persimmon tannin is weak, then those great effects do not appear. It is very important for the process of mature in tank.

Mimasu produces 100% persimmon tannin Kakishibu, especially as clarifier for Sake and soy sauce.