The Secret Story of Manufacture of Kakishibu

(Old manufacturing process)
High density of Kakishibu will be created little by little by maturing in tank for 3 to 5 years. The percentage of persimmon tannin increases by this aging. Also, No mixture with anything. Just mature for long time - this is the most important to get high density of persimmon tannin.

Special earth color of Kakishibu is created by oxidizing of persimmon tannin.

Kakishibu industry used to manufacture Kakishibu in short time to increase productivity such as only 1 year after the aging. We call Ki-shibu (or, Nama-shibu : raw tannin), however, you can not get high quality of tannin, and the color doesn't change to the earth color. All the Kakishibu effects don't appear enough.
Therefore, this manufacturing method disappeared at the end.

Now, Mimasu invented new way of manufacturing to create dark earth color in short time - Called "Temparature Control method" during maturing process. This dark earth color from this manufacturing method is different from normal Kakishibu, and also effects are also different.