Kakishibu - Safety Information

Products - Single or Compound constituent Single constituent
which is produced from the liquid of persimmon tannin in the extract of fruit, "Disopyros kaki thunberg".
Danger or Harm for the Environment Does not apply for this category
This product doesn't contain any harmful elements.
There is a nature of resolution from the aspect of vegetable products.
We found this product has no chlorine agricultural chemicals (BHC, DDT), agronomical residual agricultural chemicals (Aldrin, HHDN(Pure), Dieldrin,HEOD(Pure)) and water pollutive agricultural chemicals (Endrin). Therefore, there is no possibilities to pollute environment.
First Aid In case of dropping on eyes
It is unthinkable to stimulate a mucous membrane of eyes. However, please wash your eyes with pure water as soon as possible.

In case of adherence on skin
This product is corresponded as Japan Cosmetics Combined Ingredient Standard, "persimmon tannin", and used widely as cosmetics ingredient. Therefore, there is no stimulation for skin. However, when you feel some stimulation, burning, etc, then we recommend to wash with pure water or warm water with soap and go to see the doctor.
Treatment in case of fire We don't find any aspects as below.
The flash point, explosion and it's limitation, combustibility, the fire ignition point, a digestive, special fire fighting method and abnormal fire.
Treatment in case of leaking Stop the source of leaking. Absorpt leaked liquid with wet cloth, and wash out the remaining with lots of water
The cares for handling and storage Handling
a. Do not break the container with careful use.
b. Use at the place in the condition of good ventilation.
c. If you neglect the adherence on the clothes, the color never fades.
d. There is reaction with steel. Use container of stainless steel or others.

Avoid high temperature, temperature below the freezing point, direct rays of the sun. And, close up and storage in cooler place without big change of temperature.
The nature from Physical and chemical aspects Appearance : Dark brown liquid or powder
Odor : subtle peculiar odor
Dissolve manner : Water, Ethanol (less than 60%), polyhydric alcohol solvent
Poisonous aspect Acute poison : This product is the extract from the fruit, and doesn't contain any poison. Additionally, ADI (an intake maximum permissible dosage) is not restricted by FAO/WHO food addition professional committee at all.

Skin stimulation :
This product is corresponded as Japan Cosmetics Combined Ingredient Standard, "persimmon tannin", and used widely as cosmetics ingredient. Therefore, there is no stimulation for skin.
Additionally, after we experimented a maximization test using guinea pig's skin, there is no recognition for skin stimulation (primary irritation, sensitizing potential).
The care for abandonment Dilute with lots of water and drain. Or, burn with other combustibles in an incinerator. However, in case of any changes from mixture, addition and process with other chemicals, these methods might be not proper.
The care for shipping Confirm there is no leaking from containers, load the products not to fall down, drop off nor damage, and do not leave the products in direct ray of the sun.

*** Attention
The information on this safety sheet is offered as the reference for the customers with sincerity from our knowledge However, it does not mean we prove or guarantee anything. All the judges that this product is proper or not for your usage is depended by all customers' responsibilities.
Additionally, we might change the information by our new knowledge from continued analysis. Also, this information is basically for normal usage. In case you will use in special way, please take the measures to meet your own safe applying for usage and method.