Research of Persimmon Tannin

Contained ingredients

1. Water-soluble dietary fiber
2. Carotenoids
3. Polyphenols (categorized as Catechin)
4. Minerals (NA, K, Mg, Ca, I, Mn, etc)

1. Anti-oxidization

Various kinds of Polyphenols are contained. (Especially, same type of Catechin is compounded as green tea.)

2. Decrease of lipids

Experimented with rats in group (C) to feed without persimmon and rats in group (D) to feed 7g /100 grams of persimmon.

Total cholesterol in blood (mmol /L) D/C = 3.88 /4.88 (20 % down)
LDL cholesterol in blood D/C = 2.24 /3.27 (31% down)
Neutral fat in blood (mmol /L) D/C = 0.72 /0.89 (19% down)
Total cholesterol in liver (µ mole /L) D/C = 32.8 /49 (34% down)

These properties are attributed to water-soluble dietary fiber, Carotenoids and Polyphenol.

3. Possibility of fighting cancer cell

There is apoptosis effect. (ECG, EGCG, EGC effect)
If persimmon contains same quantity of Catechin as green tea, then there is enough power to fight to cancer cell. (Effect by green tea was already confirmed)

4. Others

There is possibility to cure the atopic dermatitis. (It is already found out that the persimmon leaves contains the special ingredients to improve atomic dermatitis.)