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  Bauhaus of Forest - We are "Ecology Shop" to help you to create safe and comfortable house.
We select real ecological construction materials which are good for human and earth with strict and genuine eyes. Not only new constructions, but we do the consulation for renovation to change to ecology house from the construction method to the recommendation of the best products for your house. We do the estimation and offering samples for the products. Please feel free to ask us anytime.

  Natural and Healthy Paint and Wax by Livos in Germany

German company, "Livos" is the pioneer of natural paint in the world. Based on natural vegetable oil and wax made by natural beeswax, there are variety of products with beautiful rich colors. Additionally, offers better method for the construction with easiness of painting and drying. Also, passed all the difficult ecology tests.
  Polyester Insulator, "Perfect Barrier"

Made by 100% polyester that is recycled from pet bottles. There is no poisonous gas generated when you burn, and this is very safe material for human body during the construction. This is the ideal material to have - insulation, easiness to construct and absorb the sound.
  TOSA Japanese natural wall papers and Shoji screen papers

We recommend to use Japanese papers which are made from Japanese paper mulberries for wall paper or Shoji screen. Then, you can enjoy warm color with sunlight in your room, and it will give you comfortable life. There is no worries about "Sick House Syndrome", and also it is superb to keep moisture, be breathable, Insulate and absorb the sound.
  Bathtub made by Kouya black pine

How about a bathtub made by Kouya black pine to make you feel warm and gentle from natural wood? It is the best relax time to enjoy refreshed wooden smells and make your body really warm. We believe durability, cost performance and original design for your needs are very attractive.
  Luna Further(?), Ecology wall paper made in Germany

This is innovative ecology wall paper to be reusable 10 times.
Paper "Tips" : Wood tips are inside of recycled paper, and create different atmosphere. Paper "Freeze" : Proud of intensity, beauty and high quality.
  Controllable Humidity Material for Single house, "Kagayaki"

It is really needed to have control the humidity at home to make your home keep long life. This controllable humidity material made by Charcoal ("Sumi") which has absorptive and deodorant functions, Obsidian which has high hygroscope function and Cotton which is breathable - prevents to have ticks and mold, and create comfortable room. There are two types for the floor and ceiling.
  Tatami Mat for Healthy Japanese room

There are "Organic Ryo-Ryo" series which we used "Perfect Barrier" in the center and low level agricultural chemical - organic rush ("Igusa"), "BIO tatami" series which we used "Bincho-Tan" (Special Charcoal made by Japanese oak or other oaks) or charcoal mixed cork in the center. This is the best tatami to avoid ticks, mold and "Sick House".

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