The Measurement for High Quality

(Old tool for Kakishibu)
The quality of Kakishibu is based on the how high percentage of tannin is contained. However, there is no official indicator established to show the percentage of persimmon tannin in Kakishibu industry.

As for brewing industry such as Sake or soy sauce, there is an official indicator "Titer" (potency) which shows the value to solidify the protein. This value will be significantly different depending on the contant of persimmon tannin in Kakishibu.
Kakishibu as clarifier won't be admitted to use by passing the certain level of "Titer" which is "120". However, Mimasu Kakishibu setups the company standard which is more than "150", and manufactures for brewing industry.
This "Titer" is recommended to know the quality of Kakishibu.

Another easiest way to know the quality of Kakishibu from Mr. Mimasu is "Paint the paper or fabrics by Kakishibu. If paper or fablic will be very firm 1 hour later you paint, then, this shows high quality. In case, paper or fabrics will bend, this shows bad quality."