Manufacturing Process of Kakishibu
  (1) Persimmon picking
When persimmons (Ten-no kaki, Tsuru-noko kaki, Tamura kaki) are still green with lots of high level of tannin around July to August, pick them up and start to process to liquidity.
The size of persimmon is about 2 cm.
  (2) Wash and Smash
Wash the persimmons by water, and smash the persimmons
  (3) Squeeze, Liquidity and Filtrate
Squeezed juice in natural green tea color come out in 5 minutes after the compressor processed. This is the an undiluted solution of Kakishibu, and we don't mix with anything at all.
  (4) Fermentation
Ferment with a persimmon yeast fungus, and make fermentation active in squeezed juice.
  (5) Sterilization with burning
Kill the remained yeast fungus by burning (lighting) in certain temparature.
(6) Mature Preservation
Mature in tank for 3 years, sometimes aging Kakishibu for 5 years.
  (7) Blend, Filling up in the bottle and become Kakishibu products