Introduction of "Mimasu" Kahichi Shoten

Kakishibu has 400 years history, and "Mimasu" Kahichi Shoten was established on 1871 by Mr. Kahichi Mimasu.

The president - Mr. Takeo Mimasu has been manufacturing, improving and researching Kakishibu products for 50 years - almost all his life. However, according to Mr. Mimasu, Kakishibu has infinite unknown possibilities even now.

Kakishibu was used not only as paint, but also as clarifier for Sake and soy sauce. Since chemical and oil paint became very popular from 50 years ago, kakishibu makers decreased from 200 makers to only few makers now. There are many hard times for kakishibu makers surviving in modernized history.

Mimasu sells currently 80% of Kakishibu as clarifier for Sake and soy sauce and 20% for paint and dye. From experience that they manufactured targeting strict food and brewing industry, now Mr. Mimasu is trying to distribute Kakishibu with confidence more as paint and dye which is historically used before.

Mimasu achieved lots of Kakishibu products widely from health food, medicine, and high quality of clarifier. Also, there are many agricultural contractors to plant special persimmons for Kakishibu, and stabilized to provide Kakishibu products holding 2 year stocks.